Todd Sharp


I've been writing codes since 2004.  I've been a full stack developer since before we created the term full stack developer.  I've worked mainly with dynamic JVM languages on the server side - from ColdFusion to Grails - and have used many different front end frameworks and tools over the years.  At one point I created and maintained a presentation sharing site called SlideSix that was covered by TechCrunch and Mashable.  Lately my focus has been on learning about the latest changes in the JavaScript world and figuring out which framework I like best.  I'm a self taught developer so I have a particular passion for sharing what I've learned with the developer community since that's where I learned most of what I know today.  When I'm not writing code I can be found tinkering with my Raspberry Pis or Arduino, volunteering at my son's Lego Robotics class or hanging out in my back yard with our pig and chickens.  

Todd's Session

ECMA What?  Getting Up To Speed With The JavaScript World