Natasha Carlyon


Due to the rise of standardized testing, Natasha Carlyon decided to leave teaching and transitioned to web development in 2016. She found her first programming home at Greater Sum. The company builds quality software for clients using an agile, iterative approach. She is grateful to be a part of a team of lifelong learners. Recently, she has been working on voice control technology at Greater Sum. While working on voice control, she realized that it would be an amazing tool for helping children to learn their math facts. She remembers how one of the biggest barriers to understanding math is not knowing your math facts. She also recalls how boring it can be to study your facts. Thus, she was able to combine her teaching experience and her work in voice control to build an interactive Alexa skill teaching math facts interspersed with story telling. She hopes to inspire others to explore the edges and stretch the boundaries of voice control.

Natasha's Session

Alexa, what is 2 + 2?