Stefanie Jewett

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Stefanie Jewett is the founder and CEO of Activvely, the premiere social-pairing app that
connects you with platonic fitness buddies.

Stefanie’s path into the tech world isn’t a conventional one by any means. A recovering
journalist, she spent five years covering hard news at CNN, until her creativity breached the
spillway and Activvely was born.

A Miami native, Stefanie grew up in a Spanish-speaking household, her Cuban roots never
too far from her heart.

Living in Central Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. inspired her to pursue a journalism
career in earnest. This passion for news would see her at the U.S. Congress, National
Republican Senatorial Committee, WSET, the Alliance to Save Energy and eventually landing a
job at CNN.

Working on several projects and shows including Crossfire and the Situation Room, she held
her own among the most elite journalists at the World Headquarters and the Washington D.C.

Stefanie returned to Atlanta with a singular goal: to lift the stigma off swipe platforms solely
being used for dating and help the people of this vibrant city connect!

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