Jake Baker


My name is Jake Baker. I am 22, and I have been a Junior Developer since September 2017. My extensive 6 months of experience have prepared me to pontificate on various topics of computer science - such as how to Github, how to Google things better, and a basic grasp of Redux's state management. There are several topics that I am extremely passionate about, but on which I am woefully under-qualified to discuss publicly. These include generative art, genetic algorithms, and machine learning. I majored in Mathematics at The University of Georgia, and I have a background in Actuarial Science. I also obtained a minor in Binge-Watching The Office, and a Certificate of Reading Everything Other Than My Textbooks. Tagalongs are the best Girl Scout Cookie, I love Marvel comics, and I'm currently obsessed with VE Schwab's novels.

Jake's Session

Exploring Randomness with Generative Art