Jill Wetzler


Jill Wetzler is Director of Engineering at Lyft, leading their Infrastructure engineering org. Jill’s teams are responsible for many of the foundational backend services of Lyft, as well as the infrastructure necessary to keep engineers productive and ensure that their technology scales and evolves. Prior to Lyft, Jill was a senior engineering manager at Twitter. Her teams consisted of software engineers and data scientists in Twitter’s Data Products organization, providing streaming and REST APIs to external partners who use Twitter data to make insights into their business. Jill has also been a manager and lead engineer at salesforce.com, working mainly on developer platforms. She is a co-founder of UpLyft Tech, Lyft’s organization focused on diversity and inclusion, and she has led diversity and inclusion efforts at both Twitter and Salesforce. Jill holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jill's Session

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