Erica Dee Fox


Hey, I am Erica Dee Fox, and I'm a PHP developer for Ball State University's Center for Business and Economic Research in Muncie, Indiana. I've been programming websites for fun for most of my life, and started programming professionally in 2015. Mainly, because I am pedantic and unimaginative, I enjoy refactoring. I've lived in maybe a dozen cities in my lifetime, and believe in the web as the second great equalizer between socioeconomic classes and regional variants. (The first great equalizer is death.)

Outside of programming, I'm passionate about making life in the Rust Belt good for *everyone* in the Rust Belt. Recently, my family and I have spent several weeks rehabbing an abandoned structure and turning it into a community space; we'll soon be using it to offer free pregnancy tests and options counseling, hold group harm reduction and recovery sessions, and host Muncie's Food Not Bombs chapter. I'm one part of a two-part acoustic alt-country duo called *Ripped From the Roots*. The most important, rewarding, terrifying, and frequently-sticky thing in my life is my four-year-old daughter. Without her, none of this would be worth it.

Erica's Session

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