Maren Woodruff

Maren Woodruff is a full-stack developer. She attended General’s web development immersive in Los Angeles, in 2013. Since then, she has worked at startups, corporate companies, taught at Girls Who Code and Rails Bridge, and is now an instructor for General’s web development immersive in Atlanta. Prior to her career in code, Maren dipped her toe into multiple disciplines. She graduated from Mills College in Oakland, CA, with a double BA in Women’s Studies and Music with an Electronic Emphasis. She studied thai massage in Thailand. She attended cooking and baking school at the first non-Cordon Bleu cooking school in Los Angeles, as well as bartending school. She studied pre-med at UCLA for 3 years. During that time, she interned at an autistic pre-school. She was a substitute teacher for high school English, Theatre and French classes. She was also a master electrician at Bridges Auditorium in Claremont, CA, as well as an alternate stage manager for the Inland Pacific Ballet company. Maren feels like she has finally found her place as a developer. She loves how coding is the perfect mix of creativity and logic.