Daniel Barker

Dan spent 12 years in the military working on fighter jets, like the F-16. as a mechanic before transitioning to a career in technology as a Software Engineer, then a DevOps Engineer, and now a Software Development Manager. He’s leading a team of engineers dedicated to bringing DevOps principles and practices to a financial and health services company. This team is core to a multi-million dollar transformation program. Dan is also an organizer of the DevOps KC Meetup and the DevOpsDays KC conference.

I served in the Air Force for 12 years as an aircraft mechanic. That's the guy who is covered in jet fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid, and works 16 hour days regularly. I've been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya,  and Qatar during war. I was nearly hit by a mortar in Iraq. I also lived in South Korea, Italy, and Germany.