Confidence Like Beyonce, Money Like Rihanna: How To Negotiate for What You’re Worth

Leadership & Career

Jill Jubinski

Through my years in the technical industry I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing women you could ever imagine. Women who are at the forefront of their companies and open source projects, women who are just getting started and are crazy passionate about knowledge consumption and growing their capabilities, women who run groups and non-profits to support these women. Unfortunately, one of the most common threads in all of these humans is their lack of confidence when negotiating for a new position or raise. I’ve been shocked because these humans, who give me life by just watching them, don’t seem to fully grasp their worth and/or understand how to ask for what they want without fear of repercussion (through someone pulling an offer or being labeled ‘pushy’ at new company).

These stories have sparked something in me, and the good news is I’m here to help.

This session will be broken down into 4 appropriately themed sections:

  • If I Were a Boy: Building the confidence you deserve in this male dominated field
  • Me, Myself & I: Understanding the market and what you should be asking for
  • B*tch Better Have My Money: How to ask for what you want and get it
  • Formation: How to knowledge share and empower other women


Come for the skill building, stay for Beyonce & Rihanna references.