Graphs: The Fabric of DevOps


Ashley Sun, Rob Schoening

Lending Club runs 300+ microservices that comprise its marketplace lending platform. Through our DevOps and cloud-transition journey, we learned that having accurate and timely data about software and deployed infrastructure is essential to success. As we built this data model, we soon realized that just as important as the infrastructure components themselves were the relationships between them mapping them all together.

We built and continue to evolve an elaborate graph model of our people, process and technology. From organizations to individuals, from source code repositories to CI jobs, from service catalog to deployed services, from bare metal hosts to virtual servers, from storage to compute, from load balancers to autoscaling groups, the relationships are both dynamic and complex. Understanding and mapping these relationships is what has allowed us to manage our infrastructure, automate our cloud orchestration, support our Technology organization and place bounds around technical complexity, making our tools efficient and easy to use.

In this presentation we will share the stories and the technology behind our successes and failures.