Smarter & Cuter Bots

Emerging Technology

Rachel White

What if we made bots cuter and more intelligent? Instead of using text as fodder for this bot, I’ll show you how to use Twitter’s API, ImageMagick, and Microsoft’s Face API to manipulate selfies with cute overlays in a simple and easy to use node twitter bot.

I want people to be super excited about making cool & weird stuff, and have them realize how accessible to beginners bots can be with the right tools.

This Talk Covers:

  • Different Bot Types
    • Machine Learning
    • NLP
    • Markov Chains
    • Image Manipulation via code
  • What tools to utilize for twitter bots
    • the open source package ‘twit’ for making twitter bots quicker & easier
    • ImageMagick to manipulate images
    • Twitter’s Streaming & REST APIs
    • Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, a way to access Machine Learning via REST APIs. Specifically Facial Recognition.

I walk through and give fun examples of multiple types of bots before going over the tools we’re going to use to build a bot together. The talk ends with step by step instructions on how to put all the pieces together.