5 Secrets for Sharing Your Success

Leadership & Careers

Lauren Patrick

As a Storyteller for Atlanta startups, I’ve seen firsthand how successful leaders are able to tell their stories and inspire others. For women-in-tech, sometimes we have trouble communicating our impact for the companies we work for and how our efforts contribute to the growth of these organizations and our communities. This session will focus on activities and actions for women to become successful storytellers.

Here’s more information for these 5 Secrets for Sharing Your Success

  1. Building Your Tribe - creating a personal network both in-person and online. We’ll touch on Seth Godin’s steps for tribe building
  2. Internal communication - writing a weekly update/monthly recap to share with your manager/director/executive and across the company
  3. Publishing your content - how to get started writing about your personal journey and career success in blog posts and articles
  4. Cross-promoting on social - tips and tricks for sharing your story on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  5. Applying for awards & nominating others - how recognition programs build your personal brand, plus how to help your colleagues win their own awards