Nos faciemus heroicis stercore: Creating You 3.0 - Strategies on the importance of women 35+ continuously re-inventing themselves.

Social Responsibility

Nichelle Bailey, Traci L. HardenTelicia L. Palmer, C. Elaine Payne  


4 Tech Moms is a minority, female owned organization, dedicated to innovative and creative solutions in an effort to improve the quality of our busy lives. Our primary focus is to create a community that supports and empowers women within the tech industry and maker culture. We are fully committed to providing integrative and innovative technology to meet the ever-changing demands of our target market.

Our company was founded on the principles of creativity, innovation, and empowerment. Women are a highly underserved and underrepresented population in the tech industry and community. A closer look will show that women of color are even more severely underserved and underrepresented. That’s where 4 Tech Moms comes in.

In this highly interactive and fun talk, 4 Tech Moms will take participants along on our journey to creativity, innovation, reinvention, and empowerment. We will discuss such topics as overcoming sexism, ageism and cultural biases in the technology industry. We will also provide resources that are available to women over the age of 35, as well as strategies for taking our seat at the table!

Participants will walk away from our presentation with a renewed sense of empowerment, and an arsenal of resources needed to reinvent themselves and careers now!

Talk Breakdown

“This is the time. (7 mins.) - Sexism/Misogyny - Cultural Expectations - The Mom “Guilt” - Conclusion: Action Points

Now is the hour. (7 mins.) - Procrastination - Perfectionism - Fraud Syndrome - Conclusion: Action Points

WE hold the magic. (7 mins.)
- Embracing your crazy
- Your strength vs. Your weaknesses /Alphabet Girls - Goal setting that works
- Conclusion: Action Points

WE own the power.” (7 mins.) - Evaluating your current support system - Find your Tribe - Due Diligence (Research) - Conclusion: Action Points

Q&A (12mins.)