What You Learn Working with Early-stage SaaS Startups

Leadership & Careers

Melanie Crissey

People joke that working in an early-stage startup is, “Like getting your MBA.” From funding to company culture, UX design to product management, joining a startup on the ground floor forces you to into a position of leadership. It also requires that you’re not afraid to touch the technical stuff.

In this talk, we’ll cover some key things that you learn when working with early-stage SaaS startups, and we’ll talk about how startup tactics don’t necessarily work when your business starts to grow. We’ll hit some high-level points and dig into a couple of specific, technical examples, too.

This open talk is perfect for anyone who wants to start their own company, join a startup, or just come learn from someone else’s mistakes. Hope you’ll join the conversation, because it’s really about what we can learn from each other!