The Ease of the Camel REST DSL


Mary Mistretta

This presentation will give an introduction to Apache Camel, an open source integration framework used for developing better connected systems. Attendees will learn Camel basics and be walked through developing and deploying a route. Due to the common need for REST services in enterprise applications, this session will cover how to start with writing a Camel route using examples of Camel’s REST DSL. From Camel 2.14 onward REST routes can be written either with the CXFRS component or using the REST DSL with any of the HTTP supported components. While the CXFRS component may be useful when using CXF, it also locks in a dependency on CXF. The REST DSL provides developers with the ability to quickly write and deploy a RESTful service in a user friendly way without this CXF dependency. This aspect readable language of the Camel REST DSL can speed up development and ramp up time. The session will display the simplicity and elegance of the Camel REST DSL in these examples and tutorials while still showcasing the feature’s ability to address complex integration needs. In addition to the examples and tutorial, attendees will see other examples of common Camel usage in enterprise integration.