Smart Cities: The future of mobility

Emerging Technology

Leslie Caceda

The possibilities emerging tech in mobility brings are overwhelming and incredibly exciting. Self-driving vehicles, vehicles communicating with each other, with street lights, with traffic ops centers, IoT from smart infrastructure applied in improving predictive analytics, 3D printing of vehicle parts or entire vehicles, innovations in freight, open data, and web/mobile applications to democratize communication all make for an exciting future. All of these improving and emerging technologies are making their way into the transportation world and can lead to positive or negative implications. Positive, if we can end up in a world in which we used the application of emerging technologies to address and solve many of the mobility issues we see or experience in out communities today. The Atlanta Regional Commission is helping guide policies throughout Metro Atlanta to shape the world we want to live in. Cities across the US are springboarding off of their Smart Cities Challenge proposals. Internationally, cities like London are working with start-ups and industry partners in new ways to prototype and hack solutions.