From App to Map: Collecting and Mapping Social Media Data using R


Dorris Scott

One of the hottest data visualizations around is displaying social media data such as tweets on a map interface. Such visualizations can allow us to better understand various phenomena such as popular trends, natural disasters and emergency response, and disease transmission. That being said, collecting social media data and displaying it in a map can be overwhelming for those who are new to programming. This hands-on talk and demonstration is designed for those with no or little familiarity with collecting or displaying Twitter data in map form using the R programming language. The first half of the presentation will be dedicated to giving an overview of using Twitter data along with the issues and social implications of using such data. During the second half of the presentation, I will give a demonstration on how to collect Twitter data using the TwitteR package in R and displaying that data in Leaflet for R, which is an online mapping interface. By the end of this talk, one should have a deeper understanding of using social media data for research purposes along with having a basic understanding and increased confidence of how to collect and map Twitter data using R.