Nothing Artificial About It: How AI is Transforming the Streaming Video Experience

Emerging Technology

Hillary Henderson

Given the wide array of streaming services on the market and the copious amount of content to watch, users need guidance to customize an entertainment lineup that fits their interests and aligns with their viewing habits. While streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu currently offer content recommendations that personalize the viewer experience, technological advancements can build on those offerings.

In this session, Hillary Henderson, Senior Director of Product Strategy and Management at IBM Cloud Video, will explore the latest developments in intelligent video solutions, and explain how they can be leveraged to stay competitive and enhance the viewer experience. For one, natural language and image processing boosts audience engagement, as it enables streaming services to index video scenes and improve content targeting and search. Streaming services can also leverage advanced data on viewer behavior, social engagement, and audience reactions to strengthen recommendations. With these advanced capabilities, there are myriad opportunities to reduce churn and maximize revenue.

Additionally, Hillary will also share best practices for building cloud-based video strategies by aggregating cognitive insights. She will describe the various advancements that AI technology affords service providers, explaining how to harness those offerings to best monetize your service and enhance the viewer experience.