Leading With Fierce Compassion

Leadership & Careers

April Wensel

Software may be built on machines, but it’s built by, with, and for human beings. Ignoring the human element is what leads to unethical companies, toxic conflicts on teams, and health problems like stress and burnout.

The solution is to put humans at the center of all that we do. While empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others, compassion takes this a step further and adds the desire to alleviate suffering. At its core, technology is about alleviating suffering. We must learn to cultivate compassion for our customers, for our colleagues, for people displaced by technology, and ultimately, for ourselves.

Compassion does not make us weak. Compassion is rather a sign of incredible strength. It’s the fierce determination to minimize suffering in others and in ourselves.

This talk will show you that no matter what your job title, you have the power to lead real change and heal the tech industry with compassion.